Yi Pei Sia

Yi Pei is a Malaysia-based illustrator specialize in picture books, graphic novels, concept art and everything that's story-rich. Focusing on narration of different genre, her works often display dynamic compositions, lively movements alongside mundane characters, allowing viewers to experience every detail of each story told.
She is also the art director and lead concept artist for the ambitious short film “Totiki”, a collaboration with students in an animation course during her college years. If you didn’t catch her drawing, she will most likely be found hanging out in her hoard of books or secretly peeking at her neighbour’s cat

from afar.

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Elsie and Bean's adventure in Space

Follow Elsie and Bean traveling through space, visiting wonderful planets and encounter interesting events along the way!

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Little Wanderer

Edward, an adventurer in heart, was stuck in his everyday boring life, until one day he was given the ability to teleport...

Tales of the Forgotten

Initially, an illustration designed just to be part of my promotional materials, I decide to make it into a small series of short stories with absurd settings. Currently still in progress.

Whispers of Apartment 109

A teaser on my upcoming graphic novel, Whispers of Apartment 109. It will be a thriller that includes supernatural elements alongside the darkness of the human heart.