Abigail Thorne

An aspiring hospitality interior designer with a passion for colour, pattern and textiles. My design concepts are typically drawn from handcraft and multimedia experimentation, which inspire my layout design through to detail and finishing choices. My experimentations over the last 3 years have allowed me to develop a strong identity within my design and visualisation style.

FMP - A visual of the hand weaving studio for my textile makerspace 'The Shed'

'The Shed', a textile makerspace in Bristol’s Bookbinder House, commissioned by The Crafts Council. The space has a focus on working with your hands, through yarn spinning, dyeing and hand weaving. The design offers an opportunity for makers to leave their mark and add to the building’s story. The shed aims to address the capitalist, industrialist textile industry by providing studio areas to go back in time where there was an emphasis on the handmade and individual craftsmanship.

FMP - Cafe visualisation

A visual of the cafe in the textile makerspace. The concept was inspired by weaving and hand craft.

Fungi Forage, Farm & Fire

A visual of the fire pit area of the fungi foraging, farm and fire, foraging and cooking experience designed to utilise local woodland areas.

Rendered CAD elevation

An elevation of the fungi forage, farm and fire. The form and site positioning was determined by the way that fungi grows.

BOX-E Restaurant

Visualisation of the restaurant, as part of the rebrand and redesign of Wapping Wharf restaurant BOX-E. Concept inspired by the chef techniques used in cooking to create forms, spaces and artwork.