Billy-Jo Pierce

Jiggling and putting bits together. Connecting what I have discovered little bits and pieces into something new. My work is inevitably a collaboration game with a hint of play. Creative and a bit loopy is how my work is described. I am an abnormal and sustainable designer with an eye for "wowing" clients. I'm fascinated by the earth and the environment.

I have skills in digital design software and blossom in creating unique designs. I have strong attention to detail and I love to test and experiment. I can collaborate easily or be an independent

worker and love working with people.

My strengths include my willingness to get involved in a variety of tasks and projects. However, I can think logically and look for alternative solutions if needs be. I am a dedicated approachable person able to work on high-end products or products which need

Water Tower Atmosphere Render

Capturing the Atmosphere at Durham Downs Water Tower using Photoshop, Sketching and Collaging.

This image shows the stool in parts, made from upcycled resin and jesmonite.

PDF - click image to view

Rubbish Stools

Creating stools using waste materials and sustainable binders. This was developed from a previous trial piece. Pushing from the Trial piece of Rubbish Stools i was able to create moulds with different measurements and test various materials.

Rubbish Stools - Plastic Joinery

Stool created recycled wood from wardrobes and joined together with plastic bottles. This test piece with wood came from Micella Pedros, however which i had created with different measurements and different slits which enabled me to push the idea

First Render from the Water Tower

Collaborative Cultural Creative Centre

This project allowed me to create a bespoke playful staircase whilst embracing colourful yet brutalist designs throughout the build. This allows the public to interact and engage with the space; allowing creativity to spread.

A collection of samples which have been made by me or collected for a project in my 2nd year of university.

Samples & Colour Schemes

Handmade sample made from lint, egg shells paper and shredded plastic to create a strong upcycled material. Along with other sample materials either made or supplied.

Rendered Image of a Light fitting

Inhabited Light Fitting

Creating a custom light using waste materials, this light can be either hung from a wall, be a floor lamp, or become a ceiling lamp.