Emma J Taylor

I am an incredibly motivated creative, with a passion for raw materials and minimalistic design. Throughout my time at university, I have expanded my technical skills by working with industry standard digital software whilst gaining hands on fabrication experience. By combining these aspects with the study of design theory, I have refined my own style, aesthetic and personal branding. I am very much looking forward to this next chapter and developing my skillset even further.

Work-Live Creative Pods

These work-live pods are designed for creatives to reside short-term; having the opportunity to work alongside like-minded people in the shared studio space; whilst the public can meet artists at work and enjoy the ever evolving exterior artwork.

Adaptable Privacy Screens

Adaptable sliding privacy screens allows for both intimate areas and open spaces; crushed glass material inspired by experimentation and photography of ice and light play during research.

Water Tower Lounge Bar

All spaces taking full advantage of the ever-changing 360-degree panoramic view; being inspired by the continuous flow of water and the molecular structure of ice; both the creatives work-live pods and the lounge bar promote social interactions.

Office Hub

Providing residents of the urbanisation an office space as a part of the urbanisations on-site facilities. Offering structure and routine to students and occupants working remotely. Whilst having the possibility of implementing social distancing measures if required.

Office Hub

Open office space for independent or group work, with sliced windows placed strategically to offer the view across the multi-generational urbanisation, allowing residents to work remotely yet remain in an office environment.