Holly Mingo

I am a unique abstract art designer, exploring the relationships between art and design through theory and practice. Creating abstract forms and textures to innovate future design works. My practice focusses on user experience through a range of metaphorical and artistic elements. I take an emotive and experimental approach when creating unique spatial designs that aim to present new perspectives towards ourselves and the world we live in.

Studio Praxis Facade

Render of the façade of my creative studio design

Studio Praxis & Set Design

An insight to the general arrangement plans of my studio design as well as a multi-functional constructivist set design.

Constructivist Multi-functional Set Design

Bespoke Constructivist set design metaphorically designed to represent the strength, importance and longevity of the creative industries.

Natural Features

Multi-media render of my final major project using bespoke materials as a feature for my studio design.

Collaborative Studio Praxis

Render of collaborative creative working space inspired by natural forms and geometry.