Iulia Moldovan

I am a creative and enthusiastic aspiring Interior Designer. I have an inquisitive mind and find motivation in the joy of learning-by-doing to resolve problems.

My design manifesto is a fundamental attitude towards the surrounding environment. I aim to create meaningful environments which focus on the experience as well as aesthetics. My drive is to first understand the space’s authenticity, values and characteristics, in order to be able to create quality interiors that move people through different atmospheres and ambiences. I design innovative and imaginative projects, with a strong synthesis of concept from research to design implementation.

Interior visualisation of Breathing Life Hammam:

The Hammam is a place for people to engage with all their senses. The spiral layout plan is based on Islamic spiritual meaning, symbolizing connectivity with the inner soul & the divine; turning the Hammam into a spiritual journey.

PDF - click image to view

Section of Breathing Life Hammam:

The Spa provides a holistic experience where the atmosphere within the interior spaces encourages the sense of presence and existence while boosting the sense of meaning in life. An oasis surrounded by biophilic environment, clean air and mesmerizing views.

Exterior Facade of the Double Skinned House:

The Double Skinned House explores concepts of flexibility within different parts of the house; and sustainable living by planting and growing own food at home. The residence provides a healthy lifestyle while encouraging user`s choice and control over the space.

Interior visualisation of Double Skinned House:

The interior view of the house shows the open plan between the living space and kitchen. The house is an age-friendly, future-proof, multi-generational inclusive, and a safe residence. The house becomes adaptable to user`s age, abilities and needs.

Interior visualisation of Retail Store: MABBOO

Mabboo is a sustainable brand with products such as T-shirts, watches and many more, made from bamboo. With the brand focused on bamboo, the visualisation shows the physical bamboo incorporated in different forms and shapes, from ground to ceiling level.

Material Experimentations:

Testing materials has been key when designing any interior spaces. Material`s properties and haptic qualities determine the atmosphere and ambience of that particular space. In the image above all material choices have been influenced by a specific site and client.