Samuel Ward

I pride myself on taking a very hands-on approach to design projects, with the creation process of scale models and material studies being my strongest trait. I keep my work practical, relevant, and creative. I enjoy experimenting and creating new materials within my design work and believe that practical trial and error is the best form of learning in the world of design.

I have grown up my whole life surrounded by handmade design and that it is my strongest passion as a designer. I have a very developed understanding of many creation processes in handmade craft and materials

but there is always more to learn and I am eager to develop my skill even further as I progress within my career.

FMP SOLAR - Courtyard Space

Open roof courtyard space inspired by James Trurrell’s Skyspaces. It is to be used as a public dark sky viewing area.

FMP SOLAR - Exterior Entrance

By using long sweeping curved corridors as the stairwell to the entrance point it allows the user to seamlessly travel from the ground floor above, down into the astronomy and gallery centre

FMP SOLAR – Shadow Walkway

The walkway is inspired by the shapes and patterns seen on planet Saturn and the ringed belts that orbit the planet. It is to be used as a transition between spaces

FMP SOLAR – Light Gallery

A light gallery below the main astronomy centre. It is a place where artists can display and exhibit their work. The ceiling has built in fibre optics which allows a constantly changing artificial night sky above the user

FMP SOLAR – Planetarium

Planetarium space which allows users to learn about the boundless area of millions of galaxies surrounding us

FMP SOLAR – Material Studies

My studies into how I could cause oxidisation within Copper and Brass samples using household items