Maya Bond-Webster

I am an ambitious media producer that specialises in Film and Photography. I aim to go above and beyond the norms to create work that is both unique and thought-provoking. I enjoy experimenting with my projects and expanding them out into different mediums. To me, creating content helps me visualise the connection my mind makes with the world. Often things that are difficult to express in words and are better narrated through visuals.


An experimental film, heavily influenced by Maya Deren's 'Meshes of the Afternoon' (1943). All sounds are self-made foley sounds that have been manipulated. University Final Project, Year 2, 2020. Directed: Maya. Cinematography: Maya and Floyd. Editing and Soundscape: Floyd.


University Project on Soundscapes, Year 2, 2019. All sounds are self-made foley sounds that have been manipulated. Directed by Maya. Edited by Floyd.


* Contains Violent Scenes * University Project of Appropriation, Year 2, 2019. This appropriation uses one of David Attenborough's commentary on wildlife in pair with a various mix of videos of protests and riots. Edited by Maya and Floyd.

Observational Documentary

University Project on Observational Documentary, Year 2, 2019. Taken along King's Street, Bristol. An Exploration into Pub's and Pub Culture. Cinematography by Maya, Shea and Floyd. Sound edited by Maya.

A Picture In Time

This interactive documentary, created on Adobe Animate/Klynt (VR) reflects on my own personal experience with digital hoarding which has created a digital clutter and how this ignites feelings of nostalgia within myself when re-visited. University Final Project, Year 3, 2021.

The Path Relived

An exploration of minor experiences through layers of revisiting and recapturing to highlight the scene of a moment. AR Experience on Adobe Aero. University Final Project, Year 3, 2021.