Bronwen Summerwill

Admitting you need to take a step back is never easy. Especially when the world seems to be moving at a thousand miles an hour, and the pressure is on you to always be one step ahead. This project, Nostos, explores this process of returning to a place of security in a time where everything is so uncertain. Nostos is the Greek word for “Homecoming”; the idea of returning home after a long journey, but especially by water. After experiencing what can be described as a loss of identity during her studies, travelling back home has allowed Bronwen to

try to reconnect with herself and find a safe space to reflect on her practice. Beginning as an exploration into the River Thames and its connection to her hometown, Nostos has morphed into an introspective exploration of identity. An exploration of nostalgia, of purpose, and of hope.

Rocks under water
Riverbed with trees reflected in water
Log in river surrounded by weeds
Close up of puddle and gravel