Callum O'Keefe

Callum is a documentary photographer whose practice centres around exploring the banal and exploring how mundane can reveal something about our current cultural climate. His latest body of work is based on exploring collectors and their relationship with their possessions, he has always had an interest in people with collections since childhood. His father used to have various collections, including a collection of objects from his childhood; when he passed away a few years ago, my interest in his collection grew. He started to document other collectors; and their passion for collecting. Callum is fascinated by people who collect

objects, why they feel the need too, and how collecting helps these people to navigate their everyday life.

John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood

This is an image from my current series titled ’Antiques of the Future’, exploring collectors and their relationship with their possessions. John has his teeth engraved with PFC to show his commitment for his club.

Captain Beany's Baked Bean Museum

This is in Captain Beany's Baked Bean Museum in Port Talbot, South Wales. Originally opened in 2009, the Museum is one of the highest rated attractions in Port Talbot.

John Portsmouth Football Club

John is most well known as being a Portsmouth FC superfan, when he’s not watching Pompey; he runs his family-owned Antiquarian book shop in Petersfield, which was opened by his father.

James Brown Hoovers

James runs a Vacuum Cleaner repair shop, as well as this; he also currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most vacuum cleaners with over 322 in his collection.


Another image from my series, 'Antiques of the Future'. Gary collects a whole range of figurines and toys from his childhood, and favourite films.

Captain Beany's Toilet

This is the home of Captain Beany. The bean obsession started in 1986 when he got a Guinness World Record for laying in a bath of baked beans for 100 hours which he still holds today.