Sam Gilfellan

I am a landscape, narrative and travel photographer, I enjoy photographing subjects and places known for their mystery. My latest project I have been wanting to start for years, K65 is a photographic, mystery narrative exploring the legend of a disappearing Nazi train rumoured to be carrying over 300 tons of gold and other valuables. The train disappeared in the last months of the second world war between the cities of Wrocław and Wałbrzych at the trainlines 65KM marker with the area now being known as K65.

Through my time in university I have explored most types of photography

and it is nice to feel that I have found the areas which most compliments my approach

K65 Image 1

this image was taken when we first entered the woods near the last known location of the gold

K65 Image 2

we explored deep into the underground passage with them seeming to go on forever