My life has been defined by my impulse to create and this has taken many avenues. I journal dreams and waking life habitually, I illustrate, make the occasional tune or soundscape, I take interesting photographs of the things people don't always notice. More recently, I've jumped head-first into Virtual Reality as a means of extending this creativity. In broader terms, I see that all threads of my creativity will naturally unfold into this exciting new medium, combining, remixing, mutating into this creative platform which will be as revolutionary as the advent of cinema. This year I have begun

a creative partnership with former KLF member Jimmy Cauty, and have also been working with other music-orientated creatives. I love music as much as I love VR, so I'm interested in hearing from and working with like-minded people who share my vision that the two can become one.

The Afterlife

A virtual reality based visualisation of a dream

Bubble-Popping Bear

Most of the images in my showcase began as sketches from dream journals and diaries. Given my growing confidence in creating scenes and models in VR/XR I have found turning these images into immersive artworks a delight to create.

Body Horror #01

What began as an experiment to see how well software could replicate skin and fleshy parts, quickly became an XR abomination.

When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Monster.

Watcher in the Woods

An experimental piece of XR where a nightmare was quickly rendered as an immersive scene within an hour of the original experience, then revisited using a VR headset.

Time Travel Experiment

During the early 90's I lived in this room, but only one photograph was taken in there. I remembered it well enough to recreate it as a scene to be viewed in VR. Consider this a form of time travel.