Anastasia Pillar

Anastasia Pillar is a stop-motion specialist currently based in Bristol, England. She is a character designer, sculptor, and puppet maker, with a special interest in costume fabrication. She particularly loves designing costumes and characters with historical influences and loves that costumes can tell the audience so much about a character. Anastasia is also an illustrator, producing a variety of commissioned pieces. She worked as the director of an anti-knife crime campaign for Avon and Somerset Police launched in 2020. Anastasia is currently developing the art direction and story for a stop-motion/hybrid revival of Pride and Prejudice with a twist.

My collection of maquettes and puppets made over the course of the year.

Collection of work

(from left to right) Goblin maquette, Elizabeth Bennet puppet, Elizabeth Bennet maquette, Fisherman, Mr Darcy maquette

Elizabeth Bennet Puppet

Front view of the Elizabeth Bennet puppet

Elizabeth Bennet Puppet (with bonnet)

Front view of the Elizabeth Bennet puppet wearing a bonnet

The Fisherman

Front view of the Fisherman puppet

The Fisherman

close view of the puppet the Fisherman

Ballerina Costume

Close up of costume of Ballerina puppet