Cat Wynn

Located in Bristol I am a film maker with a head for storytelling through different visual mediums. During my time at UWE I developed skills in 2D animation and I am looking to go into the industry by presenting my projects; specifically my Masters Film The Bubble. The film is all about exploring being queer at university in the modern day. Previously I have collaborated in other projects including freelance commissioned work, participating in competitions and had a film exhibited as part of a 24 hour challenge collaborative project.


What happens when you combine a closeted lesbian, a flamboyant gay guy, a girl with two mums and a problematic homophobe? A rather chaotic flat! Watch four students that have never met live, party and maybe even grow together.

Gender Blend

Everyone needs to pee as it is what makes us. Uh... Human?... Amongst other things. The same goes for Non-Binary people and is always a decision to be made. Or does it? Created as part of the 48Hour Cardiff Quick Draw

Dear Lexi Animatic

Writing and visulisation of a love letter that I wrote to my Dyslexia. Animatic