Adam Jackson

Mixed media artist focusing on the volatility of timing as an expression of personal aesthetics. my latest project Rapacity serves as a bridge to my exhibited music video work, linking meaning to a developed aesthetic through poetry. With a keen interest in the niche and disturbed, I make unique projects concentrating on the development of my identity as an artist.

Following university I strive to continue creating both short film and music videos, building on my craft to achieve creative director at a music label.

2D Traditional, Mixed Media, Film, Illustration


A collection of work to date, showcasing my favourite selection of projects.


2-D Traditional/ Mixed media animation on the repetitiveness of human greed and the destructive nature it follows. Poem - William Carlos Spray Paint, Dip ink, Charcoal.


(Charcoal, eating)


(Spray paint, body)


(Spray paint, construction)


a collection of illustrations.