Luzie Lilie

Luzie Lilie (She/They) is a Bristol-based animator and maker. They are specialising in frame-by-frame 2D animation combined with stop-motion set building and their animation practice is shaped by experimentation with different materials and a variety of topics.

After a bachelor's degree in Media- and Communication studies and English and American studies, Luzie decided to study Animation at the University of the West of England in Bristol.


My graduation film tells the story of an old lady who finds a surprising companion in her loneliness. The film is a stop motion and 2D hybrid film with beautiful music composed by Xihan Li.

Ama and the Forest

"Ama and the Forest" is a solo project created by Luzie Lilie. It is a hybrid animated short film combining 2D animation and stop-motion set building. The film shows Ama's journey through a beautiful and magical environment.

Bad Soup

I participated in the 48 hours challenge in March 2022 and created this short film during a weekend. I loved the challenge and had so much fun!

Luzie Lilie Showreel

Here is a little collection of the animation projects I have been working on and creating for the past 2 years. Enjoy watching.