Bex Merrell

I am both a 2D and CG animator that focuses on character animation. I have experience in creature and human animation and most of the 3D and 2D production workflows. I have experience creating complex and experimental 3D rigs and using them to animate detailed realistic scenes. I have studied both deferred and real time rendering workflows using Autodesk Maya or Unreal Engine. I have sculpted detailed models in Zbrush and textured them in Substance painter. I also have experience with Adobe Animate, Photoshop and After Effects. I enjoy studying in depth anatomy and behaviour of animals in order

to portray them accurately in animation.

CGI Teaser Trailer - Pegasus racing game

The final 'trailer' done for my 3rd year uni project.

3D equine animation cycles

my second year project, animation cycles made using my own rigs

A commissioned music video project - 2D

Spirit re-animate study

Work in Progress of a study/re-animate project of DreamWorks Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmarron. I practiced imitating the style of the 2D film.