Paige Montgomery

Throughout my time at UWE, I have tried several different departments before discovering that my heart lies in the art department. Subsequently I acted as Production Designer on several student short films, designing and dressing sets, organising costuming and building props as well as taking up prop-making jobs on music videos for local upcoming artists such as Dolly Doo.

I am currently furthering my freelance prop making with a speciality in building prop organs. I am eager to continue my journey into the art department so that I can continue doing what I love and contributing artistically to

so many great projects. I look forward to learning and growing creatively with every project I am a part of.

Wandering Soldiers

Short surrealist film set during the english civil war. I worked as production designer, propmaker and costumes.

An Inclination

A short Sci-fi that I worked on in second year as production designer, costumes, props and set dressing.