William Clarke

I am an animator who likes working with physical media. My recent work has centered around finding creative ways to mix media to push forward an idea. My grad film "Throng" has been my main focus this year, which uses a destructive looping animation process, drawing over the top of old frames to build up a crowd of people. In addition to this I've been working up my own animation skills by helping out on other's films and working on my own test shots traditionally - keep an eye peeled for Hoching Kwok's "When Cicadas Sing" for some more

figurative animation that I helped out with!

THRONG Trailer

A quick trailer for "Throng". This film was very challenging in a labour sense, but ended up being a great project to let go on, and be less restrictive with my work- it'll be on at the physical degree show!

Hopes and Fears

This is a quick project I was asked to do for the Opera Makers last year. I tried to mix media, and ended up with a lot of physical material laid over and under digital animation.

Tiny Team

This was a collaborative preschool project made during second year and was a challenge to coordinate, but was fun to make! I acted as an animator and the producer, in addition to helping board and concept art.