Will Hobley

Hi! My name is Will, and I'm an ambitious young filmmaker specialising as a Producer, 1st Assistant Director and in camera departments!

While I've been at UWE, I have worked on several different projects. I have excelled at my leadership roles in the production office departments, and supporting other team members as an assistant camera and sourcing locations. My peers have described me as diligent, dedicated and an extraordinarily supportive team player.

I'm very passionate about visual storytelling and finding a way to facilitate aspirational productions. I'm currently pursuing freelance videography focused on music videos and short stories, and entry

level positions in production office and camera teams.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Beached (Producer, Locations Manager, 2nd Assistant Cam, Script Supervisor)

Short social realist drama following a young girl struggling to decide between pursuing fame with her famous friend on social media, or staying true to herself and her hometown.

Raptor (1st Assistant Director)

Short social realist drama, following a young woman who is pursued and confronted by her ex-boyfriend while celebrating her hen party. Contains mature themes.

'Breathe' commercial for Off The Record (Producer, 2nd AC)

Short commercial I produced for Off the Record, Bristol - a mental health organisation focused on young people.

Heels (1st Assistant Director, B Camera + more)

Short clip from an upcoming horror short, following 'final girl' Nancy as she recounts how her friends were murdered to a suspicious news anchor. I worked as 1st AD, B camera, Gaffer, 1st Ass. Camera and Locations Manager on Heels.

Blackout (Director)

Short film shot in one continuous take with the Arri Alexa Mini. Directed by myself with Rhys Mason as Director of Photography.