I write copy, content, short stories, scripts, poems, songs, and whatever else tickles my fancy. My time at university has taught me the joy of taking a project apart and seeing what makes the words tick.

Flawed characters with redeeming qualities are often featured in my work. I explore the weird with magic realism themes to best identify the story’s core meaning. This often results in comedies and dramas that know how to poke fun at themselves.

Through copywriting, I discovered the importance of structure and planning in writing. I enjoy making every sentence fit the piece’s core message and

experimenting with delivery to make the writing stand out.

I grew up in a tiny village in Devon, surrounded by taverns and farms. A lot of my best ideas come to me when I’m walking the dog, but I don’t think he listens to me when I explain them.

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Bird Lady

In this short story, the woman who makes the morning birds sing must decide between duty and life.

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The Bells - Pilot

The first piece in my professional portfolio development project. In this sitcom pilot, Ben, a city boy, tries his hardest to fit in with the staff of a village pub.

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The Bells - A Death in the Village

The second piece in my professional portfolio development project. Rob buys into a candle related pyramid scheme on the same day that a house burns down with a woman inside. How will he shift stock now?

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Three Things Every UWE Creative and Professional Writing Student Should Know

A piece for the course's alternate prospectus that gives advice to offer holders in a fun way.

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Sustainable by Design: How UWE’s School of Engineering is Built for the Future

An article that shows off the sustainability of UWE's new School of Engineering.