Since I was a wee little lad, I've had a passion for creating stories. For the past twenty years, I’ve spent almost every day designing everything from worlds to characters to the stories I want to tell. I’m immensely fascinated by each person and the complex layers that form who we are. In a society that is beginning to view issues as only binary, I think it’s important to highlight the shades of grey that colours us all.

Through years spent imagining story scenes, I’ve subconsciously honed an ear for language. This gives my work a fluidity to it where

through my use of poetic prose I’m able to create tangible and atmospheric pieces.

All I want to do is turn my stories into reality, and I'm not committed to just one media. Once I’m done with the literary world I’m coming for the film and television industries too.

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Russia is Her Home

570'000 French soldiers marched into Russia in 1812 and for every 12 soldiers, only 2 would return. This is a fictional story of two of those soldiers.