Loh Qiao Hui

I have always had a great interest in the field of Interior Design. This is mainly because of the passion that I have for interior designing. This interest has further grown by watching several programs and learning about interior space during my high school time. I completely understand that designing interiors is extremely important, whether it is for a school, home office or other type of building. I would like to have a different approach to the user to experience the design in the space, designing an interior to save space and have a comfortable place to let people

hang around.

An Ice Skating rink at the O&M Sheds

The Ice Club

To propose and design an ice skating rink for Robin Cousins at O&M Sheds with the total size of 18897 sqft with the concept of the Elegant Footwork by using form of the movement of ice skating.

Twisted Sonic Stand

To propose and design a piece of furniture with the concept of Twist and turn, it can be a coat stand or a shoe rack. It is inspired by musical instruments called bar chimes.