Lauren Roles

I am a stylist and photographer who is inspired by surrealism and fantasy.

I'm creatively driven by narrative stories, and the people around me. I love to capture style within planned, documentary style imagery.
My inspiration for styling is a mix of circus attire and Disney princesses. The more weird and wonderful the better.

My recent project 'Seeking Self" explored the pressure I personally felt through societies standards of the idea of a perfect women. The shoot followed a narrative story of 3 girls, each representing one thing I wish to be. Such as perfect, confident, and rebellious. The project

allowed me to start accepting and believing in myself as a creative.

Seeking Self

Seeking Self looked at a story of acceptance and self love. The shoot followed the journey of three girls: Perfection, Confidence and Rebellion. This is Perfection.

Seeking Self

Confidence is key! Wear what you want without judgement was the message to this shoot. I styled each character based on what I would wear if I was the definition of each three girls.

BellisaXclothing Campaign

This was a project where we chose a brand to create a campaign for. BellisaXclothing is a Bristol based, sustainable brand that is inspired by the free party movement.


Campaign video. The campaign video was a collaboration with the film student Sam Badby. The aim of the video was to capture the free spirited energy BellisaX embodies.


This project looked at issues surrounding masculinity and the colour blue.