Velvet Butler Carroll / Rudi Blu

Velvet/Rudi is a Drag King artist working with different mediums to discuss inclusivity, queerness and nature through their work. They work with tactile materials such as ceramics and textiles connecting these physical objects to performances and video works.

Most recently their practice has focused on the creation of garments from scrap fabrics and common weeds, creating a link between the phenomenal qualities of nature and that of a queer body.

Through moving image, they use storytelling to rewrite narratives that have been inscribed on female and non-binary bodies, using subtlety and pathos humour. In their performances they develop a language through

dance, combining ballet and interpretive dance to perform a chaotic and passionate performance of masculinity.

Dandelions, Things Change.

Dandelions, Things Change.

Shirt made for Drag King Rudi Blu, made out of scrap fabrics, wildflowers, weeds and dandelions. (2021).

Hit the North

Moving image, dance performance piece. Features Rudi Blu performing a dance to Hit the North by The Fall, a song that is a social commentary and critique of the system.

Dandelion Shoes.

Terracotta shoes (unfired) with pressed weeds and wildflowers. (2022)

This Country

Performance piece to Fever Ray's "This Country" in which Rudi and his fellow performers Bobo Steele and Rosie Cheeks express a frustration with the government and extreme wealth through dance and lipsync. Performed at XHAST AND Spike Open (2022).

This Country

The aftermath of 'This Country' performance at Spike Open Studios. (2022)