Keen for the screen (writing, that is!) I read Film and TV scripts at woodchipper rates and teach myself as much as I can learn about the craft of screenwriting. I've also studied Masterclasses under Aaron Sorkin and David Mamet. But, to scratch the writing itch I'm constantly typing out fiction of all kinds, narrative non-fic, poetry, any and all things to stimulate the creative mind. One such piece was published in the Bristol Festival of Ideas.

A perfectionist through and through, you'll have to pry me away from drafting with a winch and a jet plane (or the nearest

crowbar). Whether it's my vision, or a fellow writer's, I'm keen to maximise my output and bring some showstopping narrative to life. Rock-solid worth ethic, super optimistic attitude and the power to mimic Sir David Attenborough perfectly. What's not to love?

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Pitch Deck for Procedural TV Show

A pitch deck for GATOR (Global Anti-Terror Offensive and Reconnaissance) a counterterrorism TV procedural idea.

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The 13th Warhead Feature Film One Pager

A one pager for a feature film set in Havana, one year after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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The Devastating Beauty of Radiation Blog Post

A personal blog post written to express my horror, love and fascination with radiation.