Ollie Gardner

We’re going along a time that tests art testing ones position in reality; how through understanding what one equates as artwork one must disregard these presupposing concepts and structures in order to be granted with an unalienated individual, human response questioning the dichotomy between physical creation and narration,
This series emerges from my own personal outlook on art.
I specialise in multisensory non-figurative techniques in the hope of breaking the observer out of stagnating conventions born of presupposing – and, indeed, predetermining – societal norms, forcing them into a real realm of

organic emotion beyond language. My practice was thus defined with the intention of engaging with and straining human perception. Through a continuous process of subjecting the viewer – themselves thus incorporated into the work – in this case, light-sensitive installations asking the viewer to look through the piece rather than at

A conversation of light. Untitled (Light Series 4) x Untitled (Light Series 3)

Wall Displayed light box, 700x450x160mm, - 1000x500x180mm.

Untitled, (Light Series 2),

Wall Displayed light box, 1000x500x180mm

Untitled, (Light Series 5),

Wall Displayed flood light box, 1000x500x160mm

Untitled, (Light Series 1),

Wall Displayed light box, 1000x500x160mm

Untitled, (Light Series 7),

Wall Displayed gradient light box, 700x450x160mm

Untitled, (Light Series 8),

Wall Displayed gradient light box, 700x450x160mm