Evie Taylor

Based between Oxford and Bristol my work is inspired by the natural world. I aim to capture peace and tranquillity through the cathartic process of building up line work. My sources of inspiration come from exploration of places I am drawn to on walks; I find myself attracted to the natural environment as it is where I feel most relaxed.

Drawing whilst I move through a space allows me to slow down in a digital world and fully immerse myself in what is happening around me. The action of repeated marks creates a therapeutic way of working allowing me

to consume myself within a drawing. The fragmentation achieved through print techniques and negative space allows me to edit and control what I capture. Through my selection of aspects within the landscape I create unique drawings and prints portraying the serenity found in the natural world.

Brandon Hill

This is a section of a larger pen drawing. The focus of this piece was on capturing the detail found within nature whilst also editing the landscape in order to not overwhelm the paper.


This is one print from a series looking at negative space and the natural world.

Ashton Court

The contrast between the detail and the blocked black silhouettes makes up this drawing of a tree at Ashton Court, Bristol.


This drawing captures the Harbourside just after the final lockdown. Still strangely quiet for a sunny day, it documents a memory for me of returning to Bristol and beginning to return to normality.

Ashton Court

This brown pen drawing captures the detail and serenity of the natural world that I walked through during my lockdown walks.

Wheatley Windmill

Drawn during the pandemic back home in Oxford of a view on my daily walks. The drawing is filled with a repetition of marks which echoes the repetition in day-to-day life during the pandemic.