Jesse Lapworth

During my time at university, I have specialised as a Producer/Production Manager and have had the privilege to work on some incredible projects. I love working as part of a collective team helping organise shoots and communicating and collaborating with a team of amazingly creative people. Alongside my work as a producer, I have also developed my scriptwriting, specifically comedies, having a script that I wrote greenlit for a third-year project, something which I hope to do more of in the future.

Outside of university, I have begun to work in live sports broadcasts working at Ashton Gate stadium on

the big screens, filming basketball games in Plymouth and getting to look and work behind the scenes of sports coverage.

My creative ambition is to continue to write comedies whilst I pursue a career in live television, hoping to work in live sports broadcast.

Blown Off Course - Third Year Film - Comedy - Live Action Animation Mix

When a rejected marriage proposal sends their hot air balloon pilot plummeting out of the basket Jack and Jill must find a way to safely land whilst navigating this awkward situation.

Pictured Are The Lovers - Drama - Second Year Film

When their friend goes missing on a camping trip the two girls must traverse the woods whilst exploring their changing relationship dynamic.