Sophie Kirk

Sophie Kirk is an aspiring production designer, based in Bristol and Buckinghamshire. Though she came into filmmaking as a writer director, her focus has been drawn to the art department, looking for a more hands on form of storytelling. Her practice focusses on authentic and nuanced realism, centring character and story to produce an emotive and organic stage for the action to play out. As a self admitted hoarder, she sees the beauty in the old, unused and unloved, always finding a way to give new life to the old nick nacks she has tucked away.

Project In

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Under the Influence - Production Designer
After the last bender before rushing home to lock down, newly viral Tik Tok star Evelyn misses her flight home to Australia. A local news crew follows her around in a whirlwind of chaos and stretched truths.

mixed race teenage boy sits on his bed in his messy room looking sad

Castus - Production Designer - Grad Film 2022

In the wake of his mum's death, Jaden struggles with his racial identity, clashing with his well meaning father and immature friends, running unwisely to a group of older kids.

filipino couple sit at the dinner table in front of a window, not looking at each other

My Name Is Yours - Art Director - Grad Film 2022

In efforts to assimilate with British culture and find work, Amelito considers changing his name, creating a rift between him and his wife Aairah, who wants to hold onto their Filipino culture.

Close up of elderly white man wearing a red wooly hat. a kestrel sits on his head

The Springsbury Bird Hoax - Production Designer - 2021

Mr Thornton's solitude is disturbed when the council decides to flatten and redevelop the woodland where he lives. In an attempt to hang onto the past, Mr Thornton creates a fake rare birdsong, evoking the myth of the Springsbury Songbird...