Phoebe Gibson

Throughout my time at UWE, I fell in love with the Art Department. Working as Production Designer on a number of student productions has allowed me to develop my skills and create a range of content such as surrealist comedy, a period piece and a dystopian world. This experience has set me up to have credits in feature film, short film and music video and am eager to hone my skills in the industry.

As well as the Art Department, I also have interest in the Production and Casting. I also have a strong passion for theatre and love

to explore its relationship with film.


Production Designer - S.C.U.M. is a dystopian short film set in a female dominated society where men have been reduced to pieces of furniture. This was a particularly challenging yet rewarding film to design.

Queen of Sass - Kodak Commercial

I had the pleasure of Production Designing for this glamorous, 'old Hollywood' inspired commercial advertising non-alcoholic wine. This was my first time designing a period piece, shot on 16mm film and I loved the whole process.

Blown Off Course

Production Designer - Set in a hot air balloon, this surrealist, mixed media comedy is about an awkward marriage proposal gone wrong!


Production Designer and Costume Designer - For this short comedy film, I designed the Monster Costume and learnt to built animatronic eyes that move and blink.