Stella Jordan

I am a mixed race female filmmaker specializing in Cinematography. Whilst studying at UWE I was DoP on 5 projects as well as 1st and 2nd on several others. I accumulated a lot of work experience alongside my studies; getting my first broadcast credit, and having several runner and camera operating jobs. I can confidently use the RED, Arri Alexa Mini and Sony SF5 cameras. As an aspiring DoP I want to focus my personal projects on sharing POC stories whether that be fiction or non-fiction, normalising who we see on our screens and challenging the stereotypes that

are out there. From my studies and my work experience it shows that I am a motivated, creative and reliable individual who welcomes a challenge. I don't allow being the only WOC on set to get in the way, I am striving to be the change I want to see.


I shot this film for my cinematography pathway. It is a short fashion film in collaboration with Megan Hart a photography student. The garments represents the Earth's four elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire. I shot this with the ArriAlexaMini.

The Goddess of the Moon

I was writer and DOP for the Kodak commercial module. I shot this on 16mm film. This commercial brief was for Mooncup. Selene the Greek Goddess of the Moon created the Moooncup for a sustainable period.