Matt Hending

As an artist, I focus on depicting the fragilities of men who suffer from mental health. Through self-portraiture, I paint as a way of therapy, and self-surveillance and hope to help the viewer engage with their own struggles. With my art, he is interested in assisting men to process and express their emotions to overcome the stigma attached to men being strong (men don’t cry).
He uses oil paintings, charcoal, ink, and graphite drawings with an expressive contemporary style. Focusing on using limited pallets and concentrated detail areas, I leave some areas unfinished for the viewer to

interact with their own emotions. I try to blend traditional techniques with a contemporary outlook to reflect life’s struggles now.
I am also a competent printmaker specialising in relief print and drypoint etching.

Alter ego

Self-portrait depicting a stronger, more confident version of myself. Overcoming anxiety around people's views of me by hiding behind a make of bravery. Oil on MDF board 59" x 121"


when on my own I am left to my own thoughts, sometimes those thoughts are overbearing and all I can do to remedy them is lay in a darkened room. Oil on A2 MDF board

Is this real?

I had this dream where my face was pixelating/melting and wanted to capture an image based on what my mind has generated. Charcoal and panpastel on A3 paper.

Critical showdown

Ever caught a glimpse of yourself and disliked what was presented to you? This is me catching myself in that moment. Oil on board.

The male gaze

I mainly wanted to concentrate on the painted area of the hands but managed to also capture a deep unintentional glare. Oil on MDF board.

Face your fears

Don't be scared to try new things. Don't be held back by negativity. Oil on MDF board.