Alana Harris-Hatschek

I am an innovative and future-facing digital content creator based in London.

I have professional working experience within large-scale and established brands, and a skill set I have accumulated through hard work, experimentation and creative determination. My experience has provided me with the refined skills necessary and a clear understanding of my personal aim, which is to offer a new perspective within the current fashion industry.

I have a fresh and educated perspective on the world of fashion and media marketing and content, bringing current and contemporary ideas and experience in virtual, augmented and our future reality.

Inspired by

the rise of technological advancements paired with the unknown future, I created an imagined campaign for Dazed Beauty, which has been nominated for the New Fashion Media Award as part of London Graduate Fashion Week. My concept-led content attempts to provide possible answers to our unresolved future, through digital creative output.

The Facial Tracker

As an extension of Dazed, the Facial Tracker is an augmented reality face filter that enhances, not hides your flaws. It works by targeting facial markings and accentuates them through these 3D net designs.

PDF - click image to view

Meta Beauty

Meta Beauty is a digital and collaborative platform, accessible through Dazed Beauty. The platform allow users to be a part of the process, designing and creating digital skins to ensure their avatar represents their most authentic self.

Meta Beauty X Dazed Beauty - Interactive Virtual Wardrobe

Meta Beauty X Dazed explores themes of identity within the digital and physical worlds, and aims to break down the current standards surrounding them. This is an interactive video - click and drag to explore for yourself.

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The Art Of X Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool campaign #The Art Of explores creative talent in all its forms, featuring Vida Adamczewski. This collaborative publication emphasises the art of creativity, encouraging us to slow down and appreciate the art of the creative process overall.