Daisy Clifton

I’m Daisy Clifton, a Fashion Communications Graduate developing in Branding and Marketing. My work focuses on my passion for creative and innovative marketing and delves into brands that align with my personal values in sustainability, wellbeing, and empowerment.

My recent work has been centred around marketing campaigns, researching and understanding brands, and creating tailored 360 campaigns. In my most recent project, a collaboration positioned between Pangaia and Carhartt, I designed and marketed a collection to promote Pangaia’s materials range through business to business and business to consumer marketing.

Pangaia X Carhartt

This project was positioned as a collaboration between brands Pangaia & Carhartt. Bringing together heritage design, born from utility, combined with innovative sustainable materials to create a new age of fashion. 

Pangaia X Carhartt

The 5-piece collection was created using Pangaia's original materials and showcases to the fashion industry the versatility and adaptability of these materials for other brands.

Hey Harper

This project was positioned for anti-luxury Jewlery brand, Hey Harper. The campaign was created to promote the brand's free trial offer through a set of challenges and social media campaigns.

Lazy Oaf

This project was positioned for Lazy Oaf as a part of a live project. The brief was to create a month of content for the brand's Oaf TV collection.

Lazy Oaf

We focused on the idea of vintage laundry adverts to create fun content that fit into the brand's weird and wonderful visual style.

Tank Magazine

Editorial positioned for Tank magazine as part of a live brief in March 2021. This editorial looked at coming out of a world in lockdown and feeling alienated in the world, encapsulating Tank’s visual style and alternative world.