Iona Borland

I am a hardworking and passionate Producer/Production manager based in the South West of England. I have had the amazing opportunity to grow as a Producer/Production manager through the films I have made during my time at UWE, and I am extremely proud of the projects I was able to work on. I have a warm and confident personality, and I have learnt a range of transferrable skills. I am enthusiastic to break into the industry and I am excited to see where the future takes me.

I Dance Solo

I worked as Producer on this film. I Dance Solo is a slow-moving drama that explores themes such as love, loss, pain and regret. Based in 1988, a young man named Ned contracts the AIDS virus after cheating on his partner.


I worked as a Production Manager on this film. Beached is short drama that explores youth culture within Blackpool and how social media affects it.

The Last Generation

I worked as a Producer/Production Manager on this film. The Last Generation is a short documentary that explores the up-and-coming conversation on the moral decision to not have children because of the climate crisis.

The Better Way

I worked as Producer/Production Manager on this film. The Better way is a 30s commercial made for the 16mm NAHEMI-KODAK competition, where we were asked to make a short commercial for the brand MOONCUP.

Pity Parade

I worked as a 1st AD and Editor on this film. Pity Parade is an LGBTQ+ short comedy drama that explores the relationship of two friends and their struggles of getting older and divorce.