Oriah Lee

I am an aspiring screenwriter with a passion for complex, character-driven stories. During my time at UWE, I have taken on a writers role on three short film projects, one of which I directed, and another co-directed. My experience has allowed me to grow as a writer and find my own personal style, I love to tell stories that lean heavily on feelings of nostalgia to create melancholic character studies.

As well as student projects, I have been building up my script reading portfolio, writing coverage for short form content. My plan moving forward is to progress to writing

reports for TV and feature length projects as well as continuing to develop my own drama ideas. I also have experience writing editorially for online publications, an example being for 'The Final Girls', a collective that explores the intersection between the horror genre and Feminism.

The Volatility of Skin

'The Volatility of Skin' is a short drama exploring themes of consent, voyeurism and the intricacies of artist-muse relationships. I co-directed and co-write this project along with an amazing team of people.

Speak No Name

A dark fantasy film I wrote and 1st AD'd. Saiya, a young girl, is lost in an impossibly magical- yet dangerous forest. She must escape the forest along with her new found friend Jotun in this exploration of identity.


A short horror film I wrote and directed. This film is a love letter to Slasher films, it both explores and satirises the stereotypes of the genre.

She Wore A White Dress

An article exploring possession films I wrote for the collective 'The Final Girls' published in their column 'Bloody Women'. The Final Girls explore the intersection between horror and feminism, looking at the genre through an appreciative but critical lens.