Ellie Pearson

Fashion Communication Graduate, specialising in Photography, Styling and Creative Direction.

Within my work, I've explored themes of identity and adolescence and used multimedia platforms to express my practice and personal style.
My recent work has consisted of documentary-style photography in the form of a personal publication looking into my hometown Manchester including images from my Dad's youth exploring themes of music and subcultures.

During my degree I have collaborated with other creatives and taken on many roles as Creative Director through live projects with high profile clients such as Lazy Oaf, Tank and BRICKS Magazine, driving my group

to create innovative and individual outcomes.

Ottolinger Marketing Campaign

Concept campaign capturing a futuristic universe that challenges the proportions of gender and creates alternate narratives, communicating a ‘perfect’ universe where there are no constructs or rules, where everyone can feel beautiful wearing Ottolinger.

"Out, Out' Publication

'Out, Out’ is a Documentary style Publication exploring the nightlife in one of the most talked-about cities Manchester. Looking back into different subcultures and how they brought about Manchester’s famous night- life.

Tank Editorial

‘Move Along Please' portrays an individual perception of a Journey. Playing on Tanks ‘Transcienece over permanence' slogan and comprising of multiple different photographic and still life elements, utilising our different remote locations.

BRICKS Editorial

Thematic exploration of surrealist digitalised trash, communicated through the works of CSM graduate Jamie Sutherland. Aligning with Bricks' anti-fast-fashion ethos – Jamie repurposes found materials and trash at the core of his designs.

Lazy Oaf Social Media Marketing Campaign - Western-Super-Mare is the new Ibiza

Celebrating British tourism and seaside culture by exploring the classic beach destination Western-Super-Mare. We captured the essence of British culture and holiday goers, creating an advert for the resort portraying how to make the most out of not going abroad.

Dean Davies Collaboration- Modern Regency

Work in progress collaborative project collaborating with a new wave of stylists to explore and spotlight individual interpretations of fashion.