India Preston

I am a Creative Director and Image-Maker with a future-facing approach to photography and editorial direction.

I use photography to challenge conventions and expectations in society, whilst documenting ideas of the now, through an honest and artistic lens. My vision encapsulates emotive imagery and artistic direction, using a digital approach to fashion images which pushes the traditional still photograph into virtual 360 experience and VR design.

My brand campaigns present engaging content appropriate for the digital future of fashion, whilst communicating wider ideas on society, community and sustainability.

Through my work, I aim to reflect themes surrounding identity, beauty and the

human condition, using conceptual direction to build narratives based on perceptions of the self.

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Life Inside Google Street View - A VR Editorial Experience for Tank Magazine

Commenting on surveillance, clothing and identity, this VR editorial captures a narrative of three characters spotted on Google Street View. With interactive and stoppable features, this form of VR editorial viewing offers a new experience for the Tank Magazine customer.

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I Dress To Be Seen - An Editorial Positioned for Marfa Journal

This editorial follows the life of a character who dresses to be seen; their experimental style subverts notions of gender and dress conventions. The narrative seeks to challenge society's dress codes and expectations through a CCTV lens.

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Martine Rose 360 Campaign: Where We Exist Together

Where We Exist Together: A campaign proposed for Martine Rose, exploring subcultural identity, community and togetherness, this campaign seeks to reflect the brand's value of community whilst offering varied and engaging content, along with a new virtual experience.

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Ottolinger Campaign: Urban Nature

This campaign for Ottolinger seeks to reflect the brand's value of sustainability through a depiction of nature's resilience. The imagery and styling explores the strength of nature as it continues to grow through our man-made landscape.