I am Jay Parker, a creative director and image maker of Jamaican-British heritage who specialises in styling, art direction and photography. My interest in heritage and discovering what makes us who we are is a core theme throughout most of my work. Whilst studying at UWE, I have received three LGFW nominations as well as a place on the Deans list 2021.

During my time studying I noticed a lack of representation in the industry in both casting and creative roles. This made me ensure that any work I participated in after this championed the marginalised and the under represented.

My work primarily explores themes of identity, heritage, and community and has been heavily influenced by my own culture and the experiences of others, which has enabled me to create work that many both inside and outside of my community can resonate with.

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Fuzz: A Celebration of Afro Hair

Inspired by the nickname given to me by my aunt during my formative years, ‘Fuzz’ is a celebratory publication that highlights the diversity of afro hair and celebrates its versatility. This coincides with a film and a podcast.

Fuzz: A Celebration of Afro Hair - The film

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Mob Journal: Playtime is Over

In collaboration with photographer Tasha Hylton, ‘Playtime is Over’ explores the central theme of womanhood and the different stages we as women go through in life. This was submitted to Mob Journal and made the September 2021 cover story.

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In collaboration with Rosie Mason-Loader, we created a campaign proposal for LOVERBOY X Tim Burton. After recognising similarities between the two we decided to create a collaboration between the two where we re-imagined classic Tim Burton characters as black characters.

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Lazy Oaf: Oaf TV/Trash and Treasure

As part of a live brief with Lazy Oaf, we were tasked to create new campaign imagery for their latest collection ‘OafTV’ and 'Trash & Treasure'. The shoots were based on themes of nostalgia and past-times.