As a creative practitioner specialising in creative direction and production, I bringing an authentic and conscientious approach to projects, supported with expansive idea development and personal reflection.

I have experience working as a photographer, creative director, stylist and casting director, driving a range of projects including most recently with London based brand RABBIT, where I shot and directed a shoot in film for the Clothing Store 50M. Currently, I am collaborating on a new venture with established fashion photographer, Dean Davies.

During my degree, I was awarded the Dean’s List prize and juggled multiple live briefs with brands including Lazy

Oaf, Tank Magazine, BRICKS Magazine and upcoming Bristol label Goose and Gander.

Space with No Touch

‘Space with No Touch’ explores the juxtaposition between feelings associated with touch and the lack of touch experienced during and post the COVID-19 pandemic. This will play into the hyper-awareness of touch, bodies and hands in the common conscious.

Space with No Touch X Gabriel

One hero image from a series consisting of 40 images. These were shown in pairs documenting people and their bedrooms where they spent a majority of these periods of isolation, documenting the realisation of touch deprivation periods of lockdown.

Space with No Touch X Angus

Hero imagery from my photo series and final project. The pandemic has changed the way that myself and others interact physically with one another, escalating to a point where people are afraid to be outside, building up fear around touch.

Space with No Touch X Willow

KNWLS, Venom Campaign

An imagined campaign film for KNWLS. This body of work was based around the brand's core value of 'femininity', bringing a more modern and inclusive perspective of femininity, exploring how it can be represented on a range of genders and bodies.

VENOM Campaign

Hero imagery from my imagined campaign for KNWLS.