As an image-maker, my work predominately focuses on capturing the everyday and elevating the importance of youth culture. I have a documentary style of analogue photography, which is creatively fuelled by immersing myself within subculture and my surrounding environments.

While photography is my speciality, I have built a strong interest and skill set for creative directing, fashion image production, and casting throughout my creative growth.

My experience as a photographer has taught me that authenticity is incredibly crucial. I feel that positioning oneself within the subject you are photographing and presenting them in a way that is fully true to

themselves and what they represent as an individual is the key to creating timeless imagery.

I have been nominated for the fashion photography award at Graduate Fashion Week, which I am extremely happy about.

This is England

'This is England' illustrates the strength within passion for football. The imagery from this series was deeply personal, as it explores the meaning of heritage and community, as well as encapsulating sentimental value ingrained within our nation and sport.

Tell the Homiez you Love them

This photograph is from my Stussy positioned campaign that I created. It was very important to me that my campaign established an element of nostalgia, with regards to repositioning one with Stussy’s roots and how the brand first came about.


'Shelby' is a series of images that aims to juxtapose bold stylistic choices within mundane everyday settings. I positioned Shelby within these environments to further enhance and emphasise how styling affects perception of an image.

Flaneur Studios

'Flaneur Studios' is part of a project whereby I cast and shot three models. I made sure the visual identity remained consistent across these photos. Selecting subjects that embodied a captivating and expressive aesthetic was really important when taking these.


This image is taken from my photo book; 'I JUST SHOOT MY FRIENDS'. This encapsulates how I relate with being young and is reflective in guiding people to understand the role that youth culture plays within society.

Tell the Homiez you Love them

This is another image from my Stussy positioned campaign; 'Tell the Homiez you Love them'. A well-planned marketing strategy and refined research into their brand values, have led me to accurately reflect Stussy's visual identity.