Solly Bowyer

I came to the course with an interest in documentary, however over the three years I've found an equal love for narrative filmmaking. Having edited on all main productions I've developed an interest in learning how to bring rushes to life. I enjoy working closely with a director to get the most out of their screenplay, selecting performances, balancing exposition and building tension.

I developed my knowledge of Premiere Pro in first year. I then moved on to industry standard softwares, such as Davinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer.

Through 2nd and 3rd year I’ve kept up with freelance work

outside of uni. I've built up a good portfolio as a DIT, on-set editor and assistant editor. I've recently started a contract until November with Plum Pictures, an award-winning factual entertainment production company based inside The Farm, Clifton.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

DIT & Assembly editor on-set. Assembling what was shot, as it was shot, to show the crew and client. Live action launch trailer for the Supermassive Game's latest project, published by Bandi Namco.

Wren Kitchens Virtual Reality Experience - Commercial

Short piece showcasing WREN Kitchen's new VR showroom experience. With VERO, Bristol's premiere Virtual Production company. DIT & Assembly editor on-set, working with the director and client to test transitions and piece together a rough cut.

Financial Mobility - Commercial

NAHEMI Kodak 16mm Advert Competition submission. Promoting the upcoming launch of financial advice service ‘Life2’, encouraging investment into pension schemes at an earlier age. My first project using Avid Media Composer.

Pins and Needles - Short Film

A short film following the story of two beings, that bring life back to a motionless man through music and dance. Producer and 1st AD.

An Exquisite Dinner - Short Film

The C. P. F, a totalitarian regime, introduces a new policy that ensures all children are raised in a nuclear family. Editor and D.I.T.