Lydia Kelly

I am a multidisciplinary creative with a driving ambition for innovation.

I adopt a forward-thinking approach to understand the fast-changing landscape of fashion, in order to create balance between strategic thinking and visual communication. In my practice, I conceptualise, execute and produce a well-rounded body of work, which is informed by the dynamic nature of the consumers' needs as well as market and retail trends.

Whilst my specialism lies in marketing and communications, I have developed a multitude of different skills in fashion photography, creative direction and art direction, enabling me to deliver ambitious and innovative creative content. My driving

goal is to bring awareness of important societal challenges to promote cultural and commercial relevance whilst offering something innovative and disruptive. I have most recently been nominated for the Fashion Marketing Award at Graduate Fashion Week.

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#DownToEarth - Holzweiler Campaign

#DownToEarth is a marketing and communications campaign positioned for Scandinavian brand, Holzweiler. As the demand for personalised connections between brands and consumers increases, this campaign tackles societal issues faced by Gen Z consumers in relation to mental health.

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#DownToEarth Pop-Up Store

To evolve Holzweiler's distribution strategy from online to offline, I proposed a pop-up store in the existing e-commerce retailer End, to create a physical experience that feels personal and authentic to support the growing relevance for traditional forms of marketing.

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#DownToEarth Contextual Mock-Ups

To demonstrate how the creative content would be promoted across the various digital platforms, contextual mock-ups of the brand's website, social media channels and email newsletter were created to communicate how this would look with Holzweiler's existing brand identity.

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#RelovingmyMA - Marques Almeida Campaign (Collaborative Project With Libby Howard)

#RelovingmyMA is a marketing and communications campaign positioned for Marques Almeida to build brand awareness around their Pre-Owned Collection. As Marques Almeida are not producing any creative content around this collection, #RelovingmyMA further communicates the brand's core values of sustainability.

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#RelovingmyMA Contextual Mock-Ups

The campaign strategy focuses around developing a new hashtag by initiating a brand styling challenge across Instagram and TikTok. Alongside this, the campaign will also be promoted across the brand's website as well as OOH advertising billboards in London.