Anna Michaelidou

A fashion and textiles designer with a focus on textiles development, design and sustainability. The pieces I design take inspiration from my country of origin, Cyprus. This connection between my heritage and personal life is a fundamental principle of my work. Sustainability is also critical to me and a central part of why I incorporate old apparel into my new designs. Giving a second life to textiles is both important in regard to preserving sentimental meaning and also for the environmental impact it has.

From my inspirations, I have created timeless pieces and garments which evolve with the owner and

tell a story, shaped by each individual.

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Genus Hands

"Genus Hands" is a collection of six upcycled shirts with print sublimation heat transfer the hands of my family.

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White Box

The “White box” Collection pays homage to the unisex characteristic of the suits. The inspiration and the starting point for the development behind this collection, was packaging diagrams that were used to develop collages.

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Το γράμμα μου

The “Το γράμμα μου” is a project of folded fashion garments and a range of textiles that focuses on heritage and nostalgia.