Ella McArthur

I'm Ella, a Fashion Textiles student, specialising in knitwear within my final year. I aspire to become a knitwear designer in the fashion industry and I am very much looking forward to learning more and developing myself as a designer. This year I focused on the exploration of colour, stripes and the analysis of objects. I love creating colourful and light-hearted work which brings an element of positivity, yet also being long lasting and can be treasured forever, due to using high quality yarns. I have thorough knowledge within the fashion design process from beginning the research to the

final construction of a product, which I hope to utilise within a knitwear design internship.

Matriarchal Material concept board

For this project, I research the ideas of a matriarch. I looked specifically at the matriarchal lineage in my own life, analysing the objects they owned throughout their lives.

Collection of objects

I took images of all the objects within the homes of my mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I learnt so much about the objects backstories and my matriarchal lineage.

Responding to objects with knit

I responded to these objects by capturing their nature through knit. I used techniques such as intarsia and hand embroidery to replicate them.

Samples and development

This project is called "Recuerdos de la Costa" which means, memories of the coast. This work is inspired by my upbringing in Spain by the beach. I used colourful striped towelling within my samples to portray this.

Research and development

I took inspiration from European holiday souvenirs, including postcards and fridge magnets. I responded to them using large scale digital embroidery which I used over the top of my knit.

Line up

My final line up includes V-neck vests made up of towelling patchwork pieces, with ribbed edges and digital embroidery over the top, showing objects and wording from the fridge magnets.