Tamara Johns

I am a multi-talented, non-binary creative, with Kenyan-British heritage specialising in concept building, knitwear and design development. My research comes from ideas surrounding the digital world such as social media, rapid advances in technology and the operation of surveillance in the new and constantly evolving digital age.
As a creative, I would describe myself as having a deep interest in the social signals that govern our existence, using various concepts and contexts to create vibrant and dynamic textiles that use multimedia techniques to bring them into fruition. Throughout my work, I analyse different technologies and ways of communicating, using

the textures, surfaces and shapes I observe as inspiration for silhouette and garment detailing. What I find particularly interesting is the relationship that we, as an ever-evolving race, have with technology; how much it governs and dictates our lives and how whoever controls the means of media production can rewrite history.

Trailing Cables

I explore notions of identity and presence in digital as well as real-world settings.

Organised Chaos

My research explores the ways in which surveillance culture is so deeply embedded in our society, subduing the masses into a digital panopticon.

Synth Knit

I take inspiration for my knit creations from a range of unlikely sources such as digital surfaces and the socio-political constructs that are associated with them.

Spilled Code Knit

With a deep focus on glitchcore aesthetic, my textiles reimagine the digital existence into visual form. My work endeavours to explore the themes of repetition, saturation of data, jarring colour palettes and dizzying patterns.

Scanogram Experiments

Knit Development

Whether it is through the lens of a CCTV camera or within a digital landscape, like social media, many of our actions are documented and stored as transactional data, creating a persona based off a perceived reality.