Doohee Rhee


My name is Doohee Rhee and I am a Post-Production Sound Specialist / Freelance Filmmaker. Whilst Sound Editing is my primary role, it is also supplemented by having proficiency in Sound Design, Mixing and Recording to have a full range across the whole Sound Department.

With a passion for bringing you the other half of a visual medium, I am dedicated to creating soundscapes that immerse, enhance and challenge the viewers. With 3 short films, a short documentary and a plethora of other creative projects under my belt, I am excited to embark on my professional journey and cannot

wait to delve deeper into the film industry.

Enjoy your visit to my Showcase Page and if you like what you see, check out my portfolio, follow my socials to stay up to date and get in touch for collaborative opportunities.

Hope to see you soon!

Thank you.

Speak No Name - A Short Dark Fantasy Film

A dark fantasy short film following the tale of a young girl trying to escape the clutches of this impossible forest as she struggles between trusting a tree creature and a mysterious woman.

Walking With The Wounded - A KODAK Short Commercial

A 30-second commercial entered for Kodak Short Awards 2022. A commercial made for the charity Walking with the wounded to raise awareness and bring light to veterans who suffer from mental and physical problems.

Robbie Wrecked The Band - A Short Film

A short film about a young autistic boy who wants to join the school band but he’s hypersensitive to loud noise. He must learn to control the environment around him to achieve his dream.

An Inclination - A Short Film

A short Sci-Fi film about a labour android struggling to deal with his emotions as he fears the consequences of the meeting with a therapist.

Wasted - A Short Documentary

A short documentary following Jesse Lapworth exploring a life without waste and seeing how this will affect his lifestyle for the future.