Clara von Eye

Hi there! I'm Clara, a multidisciplinary illustrator based in Bristol. In my practice, I am interested in immortalising fleeting moments of seemingly mundane everyday life, and I love capturing people and locations through observational drawing. I use a mixed media approach in my work and often use a combination of analogue drawing, collagraph printing and digital refinery to create my illustrations.

Park Street

From a series of pieces about Bristol's central Park Street, combining collagraph texture with observational drawing to capture a passing moment that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Harbourside Chat

A piece done as part of a recent project observing places in Bristol through layers of observational drawing and collagraph printmaking.

1 Week 100 People

A collection of observational drawings completed over three days for the 1 Week 100 People drawing challenge, run by artist Liz Steel.


A mixed-media illustration capturing a moment in a buzzing cafe environment, an example of my interest in observing and highlighting everyday locations and people.

Park Street

Another piece from my image series about Park Street, using a combination of collagraph texture and observational drawing to illustrate a fleeting moment of observation.

A Comforting Space

One of six pages from a concertina book created as part of my artist residency with the Bower Ashton Library. This project explored both the library's physical space and its benefits to the university community of students and staff alike.