The Modern Day Funeral

In response to a brief to 'revisit and remake' an existing piece of artwork, this project took inspiration and put a modern spin on the art of George Grosz, specifically his painting 'The Funeral'. As Grosz's piece alludes to the plague, the basis for our work was the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown in the UK. The resulting outcome, a cardboard city sculpture, comprised different elements, including doll house-style rooms, paper-collaged walls and billboards, and string puppets. Each aspect of the cardboard city commented on different elements of the pandemic, including isolation, political scandals and lockdown restrictions.

A project by

the Roast Potatoes Collective.

Clara von Eye (Paper billboards and wall collage design), Nia Davies (Puppet maker)

The Modern Day Funeral

A full view of the cardboard city sculpture with the various elements brought together.

Alone But Together

A billboard highlighting the issue of loneliness and isolation that was heightened in lockdown. Made by Clara.

Politician Puppet Show

The very top of the cardboard city - comprising cardboard puppet caricatures of key UK politicians who are known to have broken lockdown rules. Made by Liv.

Cardboard city room - Old man's apartment

One of numerous open 'rooms' across the cardboard city showing a scaled-down insight into the lives of different civilian characters in lockdown. This room is inhabited by an isolated elderly man shielding from the virus. Made by Emily.

Cardboard city room - Clinically vulnerable

Another one of the cardboard city rooms, inhabited by two characters who are shielding due to pre-existing medical conditions. Made by Samantha.

Outside Puppets

Two of many puppet characters that can be spotted around the cardboard city. The characters represent the people who were unable to stay at home, such as homeless people, and were thus exposed to the virus. Made by Nia.